version 0.5


times garfgen generated a new comic sense 12:30 PM 9/25/2020

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update 0.4

-added background

-added the year 2020 to the maximum years

-sadly, ended support for 70sgarfgen.

-added url for the garfield website comic.

update 0.5

-added R.I.P. Garfield website

-forever added the year 2020 to the maximum years (until somebody gives me a better archive of all garfield comics with readable urls)

If someone finds a good archive, then you can find my email at the link below this line

Find my email on this page

update 0.6

-added counter, that's it.

This is made by Brody


Jim davis for garfield


old garfgen is no longer on the Select Screen, however you can still use it here:

old random garfield comic generator

R.I.P. Garfield Website...

Okay so, 2020 is the last year that garfgen is going to be updating. R.I.P.

the new ones