Menu Item Costing Worksheet
Menu: Vegan Water Sandwiches Date: 12/3/2019  
Item: …Water Sandwiches By:    
Text Box: Water and Oreo Wheat Vegan Almond Sandwich
  put in as "ea","oz" or "lb"  
Item ID Quantity Total Wght
Ingredient Unit / price by lb or each Cost
See Book 2 0.10 lb Wheat Bread $0.16 $0.32
Water more 1.00 oz Water Free Free
See Book 1 0.10 lb pack of Oreos $2.43 $1.00
See Book 843 0.01 oz Vegan Frosting $8.43 $444.16
See Book 128 0.02 lb Almonds $0.12 $15.36
TOTAL WEIGHT:     0.48      
  Total Cost $460.84
  Unit Cost $960.07
  Retail $6.49
  Gross ########
Cooking Procedure:          
Text Box: Pour water on 1 Bread, leave other Bread dry. Remove all oreos from box, add to Dry Bread. Spread Vegan Frosting on Dry Bread. Add Almonds to Wet Bread. Put Dry Bread face down on Wet bread facing up.
Repeat Until You Have Enough Sandwiches.