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random garfield generator (outdated and broken)

Welcome to E



Photography of my cat

My BeepBox Songs

Mac And Cheese

How to make a Healthy Sandwich

FogCam but it's more accurate

Modern day humor

Ai datasets

Ai generated stuff

Remembering Marley Project

New Photography!

AI generated news video


all this is made by Brody, don't steal anything


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Hello welcome to my website.

I made this website because I was bored.

the list above this text is sorted by when i put it one this website (my first project is garfgen)

one of my most entertaining projects, random garfield generator (GarfGen), searches through the garfield database and randomly picks a comic.

i made "Welcome to E" first but i put it on this website after garfgen.

One time my website was only "Welcome to E" (july 26th 2019)

if you like reading about my projects, check out my blog.

i like collecting old stuff.

i hope you enjoy my website.


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